Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Update on Monica and Doug

Who would have thought it!? Don't know if you have seen the Stearman family blog recently, but Cori posted it for me last time, maybe you could do it this time? Couldn't figure it out, anyway you all know how quickly things can change for us (DAILY) so it seems that we are now going to stay here and Curt and Becky will be going to Snowflake. So I'll be losing my girlfriend here. Cheaper to send them than us they can both go where as I would have to stay here with my cave. Brink would have to pay for Doug’s motel If he went first. So we may still be here at Christmas time which means COLD WEATHER and probably snow too. Still like the country living? Personally they all can definitely have it!!! Doug wants to finish Calhan by Christmas may be aggressive but I'm with him there sooner the better!!!! Doug is still working late and with Curt gone I have been given Meridian Ranch for a few weeks and the other Peyton (place we call it) a real pain just the second half though they have to turn on the first half we finished, and turn off the second half. for those interested look on a map south of Denver, we are staying in Co. springs follow the 24 east you will first come across Falcon, (Meridian Ranch) then you will continue east to Peyton (pain in the buttocks) and continue east yet again you will come across Calhan (Doug’s job) . Anyway that's all we are doing here just trying to get pout hope all is well with everyone else, Happy birthday to all that I missed this year and I do still love you just kinda crazy sometimes.


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