Sunday, October 19, 2008

News From Texas

Here is an update on Michelle and Family.

It looks like straight insanity until mid dec and this round of classes are over19 credits..hurts.

K left Friday morning.. stopped in Alabama with his sister, headed to DC to stay with friends (and watch football am guessing) then on to PA for a couple of days with his mom. Sudden, driving urge.. so told him to gohe wanted to do this a year ago, but the JOB wanted him more. he's done with the city energy/utility company now.. ducked out early from his contract.he was head hunted by another dept of defense company who wants him to work local.. that is a permanent position (no contract renewal issues year to year and he doesn't have to pay to park) and he won't travel much at all.

he's coaching Siera's volleyball team- she was on a wait list because they didn't have a coach. (she didn't make the school team.. we signed her up with the Y) this is week 5 (I think, it's a blur) but they won.. first time for the match. they were screaming- am sorry he missed it. last week they won the 1st game and got swollen heads and lost the other 2.. so no match win.. think part of it was other team's inexperience but they were very excited.. will not pop the bubble.

love all


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stearmanfamily said...

Love the picture. Such a beautiful family!