Thursday, October 9, 2008

News from the Our Family

I'm not sure how to move the pictures down to the paragraph that talks about them, but here they are.
Let's hear it for Christel not giving up on us!! Hip Hip Hooray!
Okay now for the latest news from Virginia.

Cali lost her first tooth on September 24. I get so queasy, it was hard to look. But she was so excited, she wanted to show everyone over and over. She can't wait for all of them to fall out.
Gabriel earned his yellow belt in Tae Kwon Do and is eagerly training for his orange belt. Orange is his favorite color you know.

Both kids are doing great in school. We ordered our books a bit later, which most homeschoolers do it seems, our order was backlogged and so we started later than the public school kids. In the end it worked out fine because we also home schooled later into the summer. We switched math curriculums, which put me into a tail spin, but Saxon Math is one of the best and the kids are loving it. We put Cali into her own History and Science rather than have her study with Gabriel. So while Cali is in the Ancients and Life Science, Gabriel is doing Early Modern and Chemistry. The history and science are laid out so they coincide with what was happening during that time period. It's quite fascinating and I've learned a lot.
Todd made Fire Chief in August and his days have been longer than ever. He usually spends two 24 hour shifts at work now instead of just the one. He has done so much for the fire station, and this is not just a wife bragging. Morale is up 83% among the firemen, that may have something to do with the new 52 inch flat screens they now have in their individual bunkrooms. The firemen recently took on the MP's in a softball game and won, and for 9/11 Todd gave them the day down and hosted a bbq in honor of them. He has also had to demote one of his officers and an assistant chief. Not an easy move for him and he agonized for weeks about it. In the end it had to be done for the overall well being of the dept.

This week is fire prevention week so check your smoke dectectors and visit your local fire dept! Firemen love to show off their stuff. Especially if it means less calls in the middle of the night.
I can't wait to hear from the rest of you!
Love you all,

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Christel said...

Thanks so much for keeping us up to date with your family! Looks like the kids are doing great! That is awesome that Todd is doing so great as Chief, we all knew he would!! Good luck with the new year of home schooling you are a great Mom to be so on top of it!!