Monday, September 14, 2009

Family Visit

We were lucky enough to have the Todd and Corinna's Family come up to Salt Lake a couple of weeks ago and visit with us. The kids had a great time playing together and us adults enjoyed catching up with each other. We had some fun activities planned and some activities planned that were supposed to be fun but didn't quite turn out that way. We went to the Treehouse Museum and played for a couple of hours then headed to Chuck-a-rama for a yummy lunch. The next day tank took everyone but me, Caleb, and Brock (because we had school) to breakfast and then all of us but Caleb and Cole (School) headed over to the Air Force Museum. Where the kids got a lot of one on one attention from the nice volunteer there. Friday was our supposed be fun but not quite activity of swimming in the Great Salt Lake. (For the rest of Tanks family members, we are more than willing to take you out there but just FYI it is not so GREAT!!) After that fun time we headed home to relax and hang out. We did a lot of that too while they were here, just hanging out. Saturday it was time to say good-bye but before we did we headed down to Thanksgiving Point to the Children's Gardens. The kids had a blast getting soaked in the Noah's Ark play area.
Thanks for coming guys, we had a blast!