Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Buddy vs. The Dinosaur

Buddy defends his turf, fearlessly taking on a fierce prehistoric dinosaur who he has mistaken for the notorious stork that has been rudely intruding on his peaceful single child life.

Papa spends some quality time with Buddy after his brave battle.

Update on Miss Beverly

Miss Beverly, seen here in her plush, new pink surroundings, has grown by leaps and bounds in the past week. Her eyes are still closed and she hasn't quite managed to figure out her legs, but she is eating every 4 hours. I think its safe to say that Miss Beverly has inherited her Momma's strong will and her Daddy's belly. She has yet to be introduced to her new big brother Duke, but we're sure she's going to love having someone to play with and boss around.

Stork Returns to Stalford Residence

Doug and Monica had another visit from the stork this week, this one was more planned then Miss Beverly. Duke is a white German sheppard, 6 weeks old and Monica's birthday present. He love to play outside and with his tremendous toy collection that Papa has bought him. His favorite is a purple doggie that squeaks. Congratulations guys!!!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Doug and Monica's New Addition

On their way to work at the Beverly Hills sub-station this week, Doug and Monica stopped at the bank and came away with more than just money. Doug found this little girl puppy lying on the sidewalk and being the tender-hearted man he is, scooped her up and made her the newest addition to their family. Monica and Doug are experiencing feedings every couple hours and are loving every minute. They have decided to name her Beverly, since they found her on the way to the Beverly job. Buddy isn't so sure about his new sibling, but we hope they'll soon become great friends. Congratulations Monica and Doug!!!!!