Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hello to all from Colorado

Pretty country (in a picture) personally can’t say I care for this place. No snow yet; just very cold weather most days. Still a few nice ones but they are getting fewer. Still hoping to get out by Christmas, if nothing else we will be in AZ at that time. Just picked up a huge 500 kv. lsub brand new boss man very happy about that.

I will be at our family reunion even if my old man ducks out. (flat keyboards suck can only hunt and peck on them)

That new job is called Snowflake appropriate being as we will be building it in snow just south(?) of Holbrook. They say its warmer there hope they won’t be wrong. But we are doing fine. Doug’s working long hours during the week due to colder weather and concrete not setting too well to finish, so I haven’t seen him much this last week. Incompetent subs don’t help much either. Curt, who has been running our other two jobs here with a little help from me, will be leaving to go to Snowflake on Monday and I will be stuck doing paperwork again. But only for one of them the other will be put into service. (that means turned on) He will be gone for a couple of weeks (BIG BUMMER) Hate having to do it, but no one else for the job right now.

Not much else going on. Just working trying to keep up with life and bills, and a house I haven’t seen in three months, and probably won’t see till Christmas time or after. (HUGE BUMMER) Anyone want to visit CA? Free house to stay in; just flush all my toilets and check it out for me.

I suppose Jerry has paid enough for enough of my air time for today
Love to all,
Monica and Doug

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Christel said...

Good to hear you guys are still alive over there in Colorado! Huge Bummmer about paying for a house and not being able to live in it!!!