Saturday, October 12, 2013

What'cha Been Doing?

Let's Run 'em!
First up: Mom and Dad
You'd think Mom and Dad would be taking it easy, watching the sunsets and enjoying their retirement, but nooooooo.
Instead, they are building fences

and taking the ol' lawnmower for a spin.
Brodey's doing his best to herd the mower.
Michelle's been on the run . . . for good causes!
Michelle and Siera after the Gruene run.
Michelle also ran the Wounded Warrior 8k in San Antonio,
in honor of our cousin Jay.
Thank you for your service!
Siera has been busy redecorating her room.
For some reason, this picture makes me think of Barney the dinosaur.
I love you, you love me . . .
Looks fabulous Siera!
Gabriel and Cali enjoying the beautiful fall weather.
Even Molson is smiling.
Bubba always sticks his tongue out for pictures.
Doug has a new toy!
Kubota has permanently added Monica and Doug
to their Christmas card list.
Remember Norm and Cheers? 
Yeah, it's kinda like that.
And because they don't have nearly enough storage space . . . (cough8,000sq.ft.cough;~)
they are adding onto their barn.
One of the best things about kids and Halloween?
They want to dress up all month long.
It's the dread pirate James!
Argh matey!
And may I present to you . . .
Ava, the lovely fairy tale peacock princess.
Another lovely sight!
Tank and Christel take in a concert.
 Below: preparing a 72 hour kit.

Never hurts to be prepared!
Our newest family addition:
Can you believe Delilah is 8 months old?!
Gorgeous, simply gorgeous!
And speaking of gorgeous!
Hey there Hot Mama!
Bo and Monique!
Our longest true love story,
(not counting Mom and Dad.)
How fun when your kids are nearly taller than you are.
Don't worry Monique!
You'll always be the fairest in the land.

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