Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Birthday in Heaven Mikey Sarah

I Miss Your Laughter -
by Nicholas Gordon
  I miss your laughter, fun, and gentleness.

I miss the things I used to do for you.


 I miss the time, now filled with emptiness,
When each day was a stage for something new.


I miss your love, though mine for you remains,

A passion with no outlet to the sea,
 A teardrop in a desert, that contains

What's left of my maternal ecstasy.


I miss your presence, like a silent chord

That anchored even solitude in grace.

I miss for my love's labor, the reward

Of seeing some small pleasure in your face.


All these I miss,

and yet they are all here

Within my heart,
far more than I can bear.
Michael Sarah Thomas, 8, of Henderson died December 6, 1999 in Henderson.
She was born October 31, 1991, in Las Vegas. A lifelong resident, she was a Lamping Elementary School student and on the Champion Homes soccer team, "The Angels," and was a member of the Girl Scouts.








Darlene Boardman said...
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Darlene Boardman said...

Even though I never met you, I feel as if I know you and how special you really were by getting to know your Mom and sis!! Know that you are loved and missed! Keep watching over Mom and the girl and we will do the same.