Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Th-th-that's All Folks!

Isn't it amazing what happens when two people fall in love?
Take for instance, Dad and Mom . . .
Lovely couple, aren't they?
 created these gorgeous people . . .
and those gorgeous creatures
in turn created . . .
Ain't life grand?!

But wait . . . there's more!
 Bear and Stef Stearman!
Welcome to our family Stef.
Ava hangin with Auntie Chelle.
Ava hangin with her bro, Sweet Baby James, 
Dre and Vinnie
Tank and Christel rockin the handsome boy family.
(because girls are icky . . . except for moms)
Bo and Mo with their three uber-glamourous kids.
Mama Monk and Auntie Chelle join in the fun!
(and we all remember how fun the toddler stage is)
To all the Daddy's out there,
Hide your daughters.
These boys are going to take the world by storm.
Sorry ladies, these men are off the market.
Future Babe Magnet!
Too precious for words!
(is it just me, or do I see a bit of Paul Newman in there)
Ava hangin with Grandma and Grandpa.
Girl knows how to play it!

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