Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Remembering Christmas Past Part Deux

We're moving out west now . . .
remembering Christmas in California.
Here is Duke with his 20 foot bone.
 Okay, maybe not 20 feet, but pretty darn big.
Ever seen a dog smile that big?

Seems Doug was a really good boy this year . . .
he got huge man toys for his garage.
That is one happy man!

We all know how weird people in California are . . .

Our Monica has embraced the weirdness.
And she does it beautifully!
Totally love those socks!

Our next stop is Las Vegas!

Mom, Sweet Baby James, Dre and Beautiful Ava in front of the Christmas tree. 

I can only guess that Sweet Baby James is saying,
Too precious!
Trucks are a boys best friend.
I think Baby James must have some Mama Monk in him.

Ava saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus!
Underneath the mistletoe!

And then promptly forgot all about it,
when Grandma bribed presented her with a brand new toy!
Nice work Grandma!

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