Sunday, January 15, 2012

Remembering Christmas Past

This blog has been sorely neglected, I blame it on the holidays simply because they can't defend themselves.
Let's start by posting memories of Christmas 2011, shall we? 

Todd and I got up early Friday morning and so we could do our Christmas shopping in one fell swoop. 
I don't recommend it.
Four and a half hours later, we tag teamed the Gabriel and Cali so they could buy for each other. Gabriel was clueless about what to get for his sister. So in the end, Cali got a book she's been wanting for-ev-ver because she's number 154 on the library waiting list for it.
 Diary of a Wimpy Kid Cabin Fever.
She likes to beat up boys, it's a perfect match.
Cali found Gabriel an awesome picture of Spiderman and his peeps.
After walking through a dozen-million-billion stores, we found it at Ross.
I was tired and grumpy and starting to not feel good again. All I wanted her to do was to try on a pair of pants, but she wanted me to walk 15 feet away from where the dressing rooms were so she could show me this perfect present she found for Gabriel.
I told her, in my most
voice, please just try on the pants first.
She did, they were too small.
She then asked in her 
voice if I would now please go see what she found.
I did.
The picture has the texture of an oil painting mounted on hard surface. 
Only $20.
Gabriel loves it.
She said she rocks!
I agreed.
The kids were up at 4:20 a.m. Christmas Morning.
Santa was very good to them. 
They got Wii games and controllers from Santa.
And a weapons arsenal courtesy of Nerf.
 Cali got a pink guitar.
She's declared herself a songwriter.
Her first song went something like,
"Daddy is so handsome and he loves bacon."
Todd was hooked.
I truly believe Christmas gets better with each passing year.
Happy Christmas Everyone!

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