Thursday, July 25, 2013


Past the river,
and through the woods
and the mountains 
 you'll find this quaint little town.
And if you turn on the right ave. . .
you'll see where we spend some of our free time.
This past weekend we worked on the bathroom and kitchen.
It went from this . . . ew.

To this . . . gorgeous blank canvas. 

Ready for the kitchen?
The view from the pantry.
Our resident Drama Queen.
Yes, that is a bathroom off the kitchen.
Soon to be a laundry room.
Our wall of doors.
#1 to the basement. #2 was the servants staircase to the 2nd floor and of course the lovely bathroom/laundry room.
The door just out of the top shot,
is below.
It goes into the butlers pantry,
soon to be a breakfast nook.
This doorway
leads to the pantry,
and the one on the left goes to the backyard.
The back door is open here, and is partially blocking the wood storage niche. It's an empty 6'x6' space,
but it holds so much potential!
So that's it for now!
 Tons more to come later.

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