Thursday, July 25, 2013

More July Happenings!

Because I know all ya'll just can't get enough!
Michelle went to LA, and took some time to lounge around Monica and Doug's fabulous pool.
Todd, Corinna and kids headed up to PA to do demolition on the old 1894 home.
Nice photo-bomb ghostly specter!
(Actually that was the flash positioned just right. After a day of work, I wasn't looking my best.)
Once you get past the fact that one of Monica's workers is trying on some very cute shoes, you'll see our Monica in the throes of one honkin belly laugh.
Two very adorable monkeys playing in a tree . . .
Christel has become so famous from her spot on ESPN,
that her boys are now chauffeured around town in a Ferrari.
 Well played Boys!
(Yeah, I totally made that up.)
I couldn't help but include this very precious one of our newest daddy.
I'd say Delilah has her daddy wrapped around every single finger.
Sunday dinner . . .
Hi Bo and Mo!
Love all you guys!

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