Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tank and Cole Visit Vegas

All three sons are in town and Dad is still determined to conquer everything with a computer chip. Just remember the little engine that could Dad. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can . . . I know I can, I know I can.

Uncle Bear showing James where to find all the cute girls.
If anyone knows, it's Uncle Bear. He sure caught himself a cutie.

Uncle Bear, Uncle Bear . . . check out this one!
Silly James! That's your Auntie Stef.

Our darling Cole and wonderful James. What a beautiful, gorgeous, handsome, fabulous, terrific, absolutely phenomenal children have.

Whoa! Check out Cole's muscles! He is so strong. I bet he eats his vegetables.

Oh no! Caught in Grandpas grip. Can't . . . break . . . free. Have . . . to eat . . . more . . . veggies! (Did you get that Christel?)

I bet James will be as tall and handsome as all of his uncles. He's got a great start.

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