Wednesday, February 18, 2009


We went on a science field trip to Wonderworks a couple weeks ago. It was so awesome. Todd and I had as much fun as Gabriel and Cali did.

The whole concept behind Wonderworks is that it started out as a top secret laboratory on a remote island in the Bermuda Triangle. In an attempt to harness the power of a man made tonado, the experiment went terribly wrong and the whole building was torn off its foundation and landed upside down in the heart of Tennessee.

Inside the lobby, everything is upside down. If you look up, you see the floor and front door upside down. You have to go through an inversion tunnel so that, you too, can be upside down.
Once inverted, you can stand in the middle of 65 mph hurricane force winds, sit at a table and experience a 6.5 earthquake, lay on a bed of real nails, scale a rock wall, feel how cold the water temperature was when the Titanic went down, or have your brain waves read. That's just 1/4 of the first floor. We were in there for 3 hours and still didn't do it all. Every 'experiment' had an explanation next to it; the how and whys of it all. If anyone ever comes to the east coast, I highly recommend going. (There are more pictures on

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