Sunday, November 30, 2008

Little Blurb from Texas

Bit of news from Chelle and Family . . .
Siera's getting better with phone manners- she wants cell for birthday/ christmas.. think/guess it is about time. She will start track at school in the spring, has started feeding neighborhood pets for $ while they are on vacation... feeling a little more responsible even though she can't pick up her bathrobe from the floor- ah well. She rides her bike over there, and while it's not far, she's still out there by herself. She thinks she wants to do the short distance runs, and is considering all the extra jumping stuff. She was out on the trampoline yesterday practicing the hurdles move. Wish I'd had a camera on me, but was elbow deep in goldfish- ridden horsey water. Those suckers are fast! (had to empty the trough to move it- couldn't just dump it out without killing fish...)
We got new next door neighbors- a youngish family. They don't want Sugar in their backyard, (baby is not 2 yet.. and dad is a lawyer- thinks only in liability terms) so we're working to get her set up on our side only. We'll have to pull her up to the front shelter on COLD nights- which we've only had a couple of so far. She's been using the barn at the back corner of their property for shelter at night, but they want it for a play house- can't blame them :) It's pretty cool.
Will try to get pictures before she's out of there completely- asked for a week to get it emptied- she's got a ton of hay back there - likes to throw it around when she eats and grazes from all corners of her "plate". When she poos on it, she's done with that meal. Goofy old lady! But that's when we'll do a final clean, close the separating gate and let them know its all theirs. They seem to be outdoorsy types, girl 11 (shy), boy somewhere around 6-8 that rides his mini motorcycle around the front yard, and the baby boy- so they'll really enjoy the place.
Think..K got headhunted- not sure if I told you- away from the gas/electric company. He's back in the intel business working for another defense contractor. He's in a shirt and tie and occasional sport coat position- so tie shopping again soon. He's glad- more interesting work and they'll keep his security clearance up to date. He likes the folks he works with, and occasionally sees a few from the AF days. Retirement is good for him- think he prefers to be the boss. . . Familiar? We'll see what the new POTUS does for his line of work...
So glad this semester is almost over. My anatomy and physiology book is already up for sale on need to find out what books I need for spring so can start shopping... refuse to pay UTSA bookstore prices... silliness. I've been able to stay almost even with purchase and sales on school books- very pleasing...
Love to all

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